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Peace and Conflict Research

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Social Movements workshop - Retrospect 

​10 November 2023, University of Bayreuth

It was a day full of insightful discussions on social movements, contentious politics, and resistance - spanning case studies from youth climate activism in Uganda via activist trainings for intersectionalism in Germany and the US to the visual legacies of Gezi park protests in Turkey.

The discussions touched upon vital questions of social movement research: for instance, how movements increasingly intertwine the offline and online sphere, and whether this requires new conceptualizations. We also discussed how activists strategically frame their struggle to evade repression. Of course, we spoke about the affective bonds and collective identity that are so central to social movements, or are they in times of online activism?Last but not least, we considered our own role as scholars, part-time activists, and the expectations that social movements have towards academia.

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