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On violence - Invitation to the Sociology colloquium and get-together

13 June / 27 June 2023, from 18:00 at the Glashaus on the UBT campus

Join us for two highly interesting sessions on sociological perspectives on violence this month!

13 June 2023, 6-8 pm
Laura Wolters (Hamburg Institute for Social Research)
"Gewalt, Sexualität, Gemeinschaftlichkeit. Eine soziologische Perspektive auf Gruppenvergewaltigung"

27 June 2023, 6-8 pm
Max Breger (University of Siegen)
"Politische Gewalt zwischen Körper, Wissen und Organisation. Der US-Folterkomplex im »War on Terror«"

Organized by Bernt Schnettler, the sociology colloquium (Kolloquium der Fachgruppe Soziologie) is held Tuesdays from 18:00 at the Glashaus. Bernt Schnettler, Jana Hönke, and others from the colloquium are also part of our UBT Peace and Conflict Research network. Hence, we would like to extend the invitation to everyone interested in our network theme and activities!

Following the colloquium, there will be plenty of space for discussion and for getting to know each other during evening drinks. Plus, soup and sandwiches will be available.

Please note that the colloquium itself (roughly until 20:00) is in German. Moreover, there is a small fee of 1€ for the Glashaus (unless you are a member of the Glashaus already).

For planning the snacks (soup and sandwiches), just briefly let us know if you would like to join for the evening by sending a message to: jan.saendig@uni-bayreuth.de

Overview on all sessions of the Fachgruppe Soziologie Kolloquium.

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