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Lecture Series "Spaces of War"

Winter term 2023/2024

In the winter term 2023/24, the Lecture Series of the Institute of Geography offers selected geographical approaches to wars and violent conflicts. The Russian attack on Ukraine once again shows the relevance of spaces, places, territorialities and geopolitical imaginaries for the occurrence, trajectory and possible resolution of violent conflicts. It also points out that the often proclaimed spatial dissolution of war through precision weapons, drones and digital surveillance has been valid, if at all, only for countries of the Global North that externalise war and conduct it far from their own national borders. By contrast, the far majority of the world’s population experiences a temporal and spatial concentration of extreme violence. Lectures on the geographies of war, digital approaches to armed conflicts and placemaking by female refugees from Ukraine in Berlin will conclude with a discussion on the consequences of war for the environment.

Further information on the lecture series and presentation abstracts.

The final session on war and its environmental consequences is co-organized by the UBT Peace and Conflict network, featured within the Bayreuth Peace Talks series.

From OSINT to “digital fieldwork”: how online investigation can “augment” geopolitical analysis and the study of conflicts
Kevin Limonier (French Institute of Geopolitics, University of Paris 8)
28.11.2023 | 4.15–5.45 pm | H8 (Geo II)

Geographies of war
Derek Gregory (Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver)
05.12.2023 | 4.15–5.45 pm | H8 (Geo II)

Refugees and war migrants as actors of urban changes
Valeria Lazarenko (Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
12.12.2023 | 4.15–5.45 pm. | H8 (Geo II)

Kriege und ihre Umweltfolgen: Warum ökologisches Denken und Friedenspolitik zusammengehören
Benno Fladvad (Department of Geography, Universität Hamburg) in collaboration with Bayreuth Network Peace and Conflict Studies
23.01.2024 | 6.00 pm | Kleiner Saal (Studentenwerk, Kolpingstraße 5)

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