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New book review by Alexander Schwarz

Review of Cornelissen & Mondini (Hrsg.) 2021: The Mediatization of War and Peace. The Role of the Media in Political Communication, Narratives, and Public Memory (1914–1939). Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg.

Portrait von Alexander Schwarz

Alexander Schwarz recently reviewed Cornelissen & Mondini's new book, which focuses on the role of the media in transitioning from war to peace, with a particular emphasis on Italy. He highlights the book's interdisciplinary approach and relevance in understanding historical transitions and media dynamics:

"Overall, the volume is a worthwhile read that is particularly interdisciplinary."

Alexander Schwarz is a PhD candidate and researcher within the BMBF-funded network Conflicts.Meanings.Transitions. His primary focus lies on post-World War I paramilitary groups, particularly the Freikorps, delving into the intersections of nationalism, antisemitism, and paramilitarism. His research explores themes of recruitment, violence dyamics, and societal transitions.

Read the full review (in German)

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