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Peace Report 2024 released

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The Peace Report/Friedensgutachten 2024 was published recently, co-edited by the BICC, IFSH, INEF, and PRIF – four leading peace and conflict research institutes in Germany.


The global conflict situation has intensified further in the past year: the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine as well as military coups and jihadist violence in Africa have claimed tens of thousands of victims. Military interventions in conflicts, on the other hand, have shown little success, and the fight against poverty and hunger is also faltering. Extremist movements are also putting pressure on democracies around the world. The Peace Report 2024 recommends initial steps to break through spirals of violence and address the causes of conflict.

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The Peace Report is the joint yearbook of the German Institutes of Peace and Conflict Research (BICC, IFSH, INEF, PRIF). It has been published annually since 1987. Researchers from various disciplines investigate the realities of conflicts in various countries around the world. Their analyses are the basis for the Editors’ Statement, which summarizes and assesses the results and formulates policy recommendations for peace and security policy in Germany and Europe.

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